2010 -
Scuba hotel, in partnership with Deep Ocean Technology

1999 -
Technology of large structures using high modulus fibres for marine applications. Status: under development

1999 -
Self propelled mine destruction charge Operating depth 400m, Range 500m 2kg destruction charge. Status: Under development
1999 - 2001
ROV pilot computer simulator trainer. Full scale Pilot console with 8 simulation computers running simultaneously. Status: prototype built, small series production considered
Mine hunting ROV system. Principal data : operating depth 200m,operating radius 400m, maximum horizontal speed 3 knots, payload 50N. Articulating boom for small charge location
Title: Advanced technology ROV.
Status: For experimental use.

Title: CAD program for initial phase design of submersibles, with reference component data base and simplified high speed graphics. Status: operational, permanent development


Title: Commercial System for Exploitation of Peruvian Field manganese nodule deposits.
Principal data: annual output: 4.5 mln ton, working depth 3500- 6000m, 6 autonomous submersibles used for vertical transportation, submersible dry mass: 700Mg, submersible payload 500Mg of wet nodules vertical propulsion: solid ballast, horizontal propulsion: solid ballast potential energy.
Report: PGIO PB/189/89.


Title: Design,development and construction of Autonomous ROV system for exploration of manganese nodule deposits. Principal data: operating depth: 6000m, ROV weight: 3500dN,instrumentation: -BW/color TV camera, obstacle avoidance sonar, side looking sonar, robotized manipulator and self balancing sample basket, payload 50dN, number of ROVs in the system 2+1, communication: acoustic link. Status: suspended after conceptual design and cost evaluation.
Report: PGIO PB/89/87, PGIO PB/210/87.
Title: Design and development of a towed body for side looking sonar system
Principal data: operating depth:100m,operating speed: 2-6 knots.
Status: current production.
Report: PGIO PB/2503/86.
1985 -1986

Design and development of Diver Towing Vehicle. Mass 35kg, range 4500m, speed 1m/s. Lead acid battery, DC motor propulsion Status: Small series of 12 vehicles produced and delivered in use since 1986


Title: Design,development and construction of prototype of a general purpose low cost ROV with launch/recovery and tether management systems.
Principal data: operating depth: 400m, weight: less than 100dN, instrumentation: TV color camera, scanning sonar, CP probe, thickness meter,3DOF manipulator. Status: under development
Reports:PGIO PB/2159/85, PGIO PB/134/cpbr 9.5 153/87, PGIO PB/96/CPBR 9.5/453/88.


Title: Design, development and construction of prototype of Free Fall, Deep Diving Life Saving Capsule for drilling rigs. Principal data: number of evacuees 16, operating depth 50m, submergence time 48 hours, positioning: anchor weight. Status: Prototype built and tested at sea.
Report: PGIO PB/1848/83,PGIO PB/1875/84,PGIO PB/2186/85, PGIO PB/111/CPBR 9.5/135/87.



Title: Conceptual project and cost study of High Speed mine hunting ROV System.Principal data : operating depth 200m,operating radius 300m, maximum horizontal speed 6 knots, payload 120/240dN.
Report:PGIO PB/1907/84



Title: Experimental evaluation of spherical shell collapse pressure calculation algorithms adopted to GRP
composites. Report: PGIO MW/359/81


Title: Design and development of underwater electrical connectors.Principal data: operating depth 6000m, maximum voltage: 750V, current: 2-45A
Status: Current production.

1975 - 1985

Desing of structure and technology development of GRP hull minesweeper 207/Notec class.
Status: series of 17 ships built and operational till now.



Title: Design, development and construction of prototype of Manned Submersible Craft for fishery investigations.Principal data: GRP sandwich pressure hull, operating depth: 200m,crew: 2 persons,main battery:lead-acid 10kWh, self propelled or towed by fishing trawler.
Status: Delivered to Marine Fishing Institute, Gdynia.
Reports: PGIO PB/905/77,PGIO PB/909/77



Development of fire resistant life boats for tankers. Second design of the type in Europe.
Status: Series of open deck life boats produced at Ustka Shipyard since 1972


1967 - 1969

Stern trawler TR-18 GRP hull design and technology development. 18m length
Status: Prototype in use since 1969


1967 - 1969
Landing craft MARABUT design and technology development. GRP hull 25 m length
Status: 4 units built and in use since 1969
Life boats design and technology development.
Status: Series of open deck life boats produced at Ustka Shipyard since 1964.
1963 - 1965

Landing boat design and technology development. 5m length, three layer sandwich composite structure.
Status: Series production terminated

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